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EVENT: Money Movement March at Emmanuel Baptist Church

Join Money Movement Founder, Manyell Akinfe-Reed for her four part series titled, Building a Foundation for Financial Success. When: Every Saturday in March 2015 March 7th  Fertile Ground: Establishing a Rich Mindset March 14th Budgeting &  Insurance March 21st Estate Planning with Attorney Elizabeth Grant of Grant Counsel March 28th […]

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Financial illiteracy is the new American epidemic, while not as heart wrenching as starving babies, dirty water or human rights violations the effects of a financially ignorant population leads to a range of civil and economic changes that affect us all.

Most financial literacy campaigns focus on improving the financial literacy of children, teens or individuals in underserved communities but what about the young professional?

I’m talking about first generation investors, the ones with huge purchasing power, great influence but no financial acumen. The group that listens to Jay Z but still appreciates Love Supreme, the folks that subscribes to The Economist and Rolling Stone. Who’s helping this forgotten bunch? It’s much easier to gain support and rally around increasing the financial literacy for children and under served communities; but what about the people you think should know but they don’t?

The Money Movement is designed for young professionals that want to be financially successful but need the process to be exciting, engaging, and “IN”.

– Manyell L. Akinfe-Reed


To partner with individuals and companies that influence the direction of popular culture to promote financial responsibility and increase the financial literacy of adults ages 21-38.


For young professionals  everywhere to recognize the importance of financial literacy and strive to be financially successful.


To embed financial literacy into popular culture by creating a trend of financial responsibility.


The Money Movement is a social campaign under The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment.

The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment (“OIEE”) has a mission to create and implement tangible economic empowerment programs. As a change agent, OIEE develops and administers programs that focus on teaching and increasing exposure to principles of financial literacy within communities of need.

THE LIST A-Listers understand the importance of financial literacy.

We're creating a trend of being financial responsible amongst young professionals.