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EVENT: Money Movement March at Emmanuel Baptist Church

Join Money Movement Founder, Manyell Akinfe-Reed for her four part series titled, Building a Foundation for Financial Success. When: Every Saturday in March 2015 March 7th  Fertile Ground: Establishing a Rich Mindset March 14th Budgeting &  Insurance March 21st Estate Planning with Attorney Elizabeth Grant of Grant Counsel March 28th […]

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7 Ryan Mack, Lisa Leid, Manyell Akinfe and NYULYP Vice President Monique Myles Carswell 2011 Push 4 Peace Conference Money Movement Founder, Manyell L. Akinfe Completing the A-Lister Survey 02690020

Become a Partner

If A-Listers drive the campaign our unique partnerships are the oil.

The Money Movement recognizes the important role that partnerships with organizations and corporations play in disseminating information and messages about financial literacy. We select partners who are respected leaders in their industry and who are committed to our mission of increasing the financial literacy of urban adults

Community Partners

Our community partnerships play an integral role in propelling our financial literacy initiatives. By combing our resources and working together we avoid unnecessary competition, save time, lower expenses and deliver stronger results to our shared audiences. Contact Us.

Corporate Partners

We always welcome the opportunity to develop new corporate partnerships.

Today, Americans believe it’s more important than ever for companies to be socially responsible (Cone/Duke University Behavioral Cause Study) As a matter of fact, when price and quality are equal, 79 percent of Americans will switch brands to support a cause they believe in (Cone/Duke University Behavioral Cause Study, 2008).

Our marketing team looks for companies that influence the direction of popular culture who want to make a significant impact on the audiences they serve.

Each partnership is customized to ensure it is not only appealing to our campaign participants but is in line with your company’s marketing strategy and goals. Contact Us.

THE LIST A-Listers understand the importance of financial literacy.

We're creating a trend of being financial responsible amongst young professionals.