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You Better Shop Around

Let’s face reality, sometimes you just can’t avoid shopping. I mean you must have necessities like food, shelter and clothes and you need to shop for those things whether in-store or online, right? And no, in case you’re wondering, an iPad 2 is not a necessity…lol Since clothes shopping can easily get out of hand budget-wise, here’s one story of how you can keep your clothing budget in check.

Believe it or not retailers want you to spend money just because of the location. Yeah, we know it’s shocking. :) But there’s a simple way to beat them at there game. For example, there’s a well-known clothes retailer that has a glamorous yet trendy store right in the middle of Manhattan’s main shopping district. True story, we saw a cute, must-have sweater in the Manhattan store regular priced at ~$40. We almost bought it because we also had at $10 off  coupon plus other discounts and it seemed to good of a deal to pass up.

Fast forward no less than 4 weeks later and we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to visit the same retailer’s store in Brooklyn. At first glance in the store’s main level we couldn’t find the sweater we liked in the other store :( but something piqued our interest when we saw a small (and cleverly hidden) sign that said “Clearance on Second Floor.” After stepping off the elevator it was like we heard angels singing and everything got brighter because everything on this floor was at least 40% off! A quick search through the clothes racks and you won’t believe what we saw…the same exact blouse we saw 4 weeks ago but 40% the original price of $40…..yeaaaahhhhh!!!!!! So, for you math geniuses that’s $40 x 40% off = $24. And on top of all that our coupon for $10 hadn’t expired yet so we got the sweater for $14 for a final total of 65% off.

What’s the moral of the story? Patience pays off. Basically the clothes were marked up at the Manhattan location only because it was the trendy place where everyone goes shopping first to get the latest styles. You may not live in NYC, but we’re sure there’s malls or shopping centers in your area that are a little more upscale than the rest and attracts the bigger crowds. But the trick is to avoid them at all costs if you want to save a little extra dollars.

Yeah, it may be cool to be the first of your friends to have the new sweater advertised in the latest fashion magazine. But you’ll also be the first of your friends to have higher credit card debt or overspent budget too. Doesn’t sound so sexy now does it?? Know your budget limits and patiently wait for discounts, even it means going to another store in the city, and you’ll really come out the trendsetter.


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